Laura Angelini

   Laura has been performing live since 1981 and currently performs at corporate events, night clubs and parties. She performed at the Balboa Bay Club & Bistango in Orange County for 4 years. Laura’s passion is her global giving mission through music for fundraisers. Her wide range of music styles and vocal expertise allows her to perform as a single to any size or style of band for your event.

   To allow her humanitarian vision to take form, Laura co-produced music with the lyricist from Cirque Du Soleil’s “Alegria” Claude Amesse who composed the music and lyrics while collaborating with Laura”s musical concepts.

   “The Voice of The Voiceless” is music with a mission.  Global Giving Through Music is Laura’s passion which allows her to be “The Voice” raising awareness and assistance locally and globally to make a difference in our world. She has been called  “The Mother Teresa of Music” spreading her compassion and caring to benefit us all.

   Laura had the honor of singing on The Andy Williams Tour as his backup vocalist. She also had a video on the “GAC” Billboard Top 100 “When Will I Be Loved” and has performed across the U.S. including New York, Chicago, Memphis, San Francisco, Portland, and Las Vegas.

   Laura has spent most of her life performing and teaching, helping and has helped develop two commercial music programs and working as a Vocal Director for HBHS APA and OCSA for 5 years. She has found a way to combine these talents to become an artist that can sing and spread joy entertaining audiences everywhere, while making change in the world.

  • Performer 98%

  • Vocal/Director Coach 95%

  • Global Giver 92%

  • Teacher/Dream Maker 100%

"Laura's a little angel with an immense talent! She's the Voice of Consciousness."

− Claude Amesse Lyricist of Cirque du Soleil's "Alegria" CloCloMusic - Producer / Lyricist / Arranger

"She's a great singer!"

− Francesca Gagnon The Voice of Cirque du Soleil's "Alegría"

"Your music is a hit and it's in a league of its own!"

− King Errisson Percussionist Neil Diamond